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The Silk Veil Events by Ivy

Day of Coordination


What is a day of/Month Coordinator?

We are the glue that binds it all together.  It is said that Day of/Month of Coordination is harder than planning a wedding because we come in at the end of your wedding planning and have to work backwards, ensuring you ahve a perfect wedding day. 

Day of Coordination with The Silk Veil is:

*40+ hours of administration work

*10 hours on your wedding weekend (based on your package)

*Award winning wedding coordination

*10 years plus of professional wedding experience

* Licensed and Insured


*This package is for the couples that have planned their entire wedding, have secured all of their vendors, and need a professinoal to help bring it all together. 

     *We build your file immiediately 

* You can email us about anything pertaining to your package

* We read and review all signed contracts and add to your file

*Coordination and meetings starts up to 45 days prior to your wedding date

* Your coordinator is assigned to you 30-45 days prior to your event

Pre-Wedding Coordination

*Unlimited Email access

*2-phone planning meetings to discuss your event:

    – We will discuss the vendors you ahve hired, their responsibilities and your expectations

      -We will also discuss your design and help with any last minue decisions(Linen colors, lighting, and any suggestions to make your event fabulous) 

* 1 Face-to-Face final planning meeting or phone planning meeting to discuss the final details of your event, making sure every detail of your vision is covered, layout and catering finalized and everythign necessary to make your day seamless . (1-2 hours)  This final meeting can also be at the venue or during your final vendor meeting

*Create detailed itenerary for weding day (Vendors, Transportation and wedding party)

*It It is the responsibility of theclient to fill out The Silk Veils Day of Form found in the welcome packet

*1 Venue walk through

*Final vendor confirmations/follow up

*Final phone consultations 1-2 weeks  prior to your wedding


Wedding Reherasal (one to two days prior)

*Wedding Rehearsal Coordination (1 hour) We will lineup the wedding party, go over the processsional, recessional, the ceremony, singers, cues, etc)

*Collect ceremony items needed to setup on Wedding day.  If the ceremony and reception are in different locations)

Wedding Day: 

*Wake up call for Bride and Groom

*Up to 10 hours on wedding day (This time includes setup event time and breakdown) 

     -4 hour setup

    -5 hour event time (prelude, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception)

     -1 hour breakdown

     *Note: if your event time is less than 5 hours, then we add that time to setup

*Oversee and assist proper setup of ceremony and reception site (Some restrictions apply such as setting up tables and charis, certain catering responsibilities, etc)

*Manage Wedding day timeline (Coordinate Vendors)

*Ensure proper placement of items from Bride and Groom needed for venue setup (candles, photographs, guest book, pens, wedding favors, toasting glasses, cake serving set, programs, menus, place cards)

*Placement of ceremony and reception arrangements that the couple may have made (DIY Bride)

*Manage Wedding

*Deliver necessary final payments to vendors

*Undivided attention to the bride, groom, parents and wedding party

*Guide bride and groom through the day, keeping you on track and on time

Direct Wedding Ceremony

*Distributre wedding accessories sucha s ringer bearer pillow, corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets

*Make certain guests with special needs of any kind recieve care and assistance without making them feel uncomfortable or liek the center of attention

*Greet your guests and kindly direct them to the ceremony area at the appropriate times

*Work with the cermony musician/DJ with musical cues

*Processional Coordination (Line up and cue the wedding party when it’s time to walk down the aisle, making sure they all look great, no hands in pockets, no gum, cell phones off)

*Let you know when it’s time to walk down the aisle, make sure you are ready for the big moment

*Reomoval of personal belongings of wedding party and secure at reception site

*Assist Photorapher in gather wedding party

*Assist DJ/MC in keeping  steady, comfortable reception flow

*Grand Entrance coordination (We will work with your DJ in lining up your wedding party and family for the Grand Entrance into the Reception)

*Maintain the reception flow of events

*We are the bride and groosm personal Maitre de (Making sure you are served with dinner, beverages and any needs to make sure you are comfortable on your day)

*Make certain that guest recieve any assistance needed (Feeding the elderly and/or disabled)

*Make sure parents and special guest are catered to

*Collect gifts and required items and securing with the Bride and Groom or with their allocated person

*On site emergency weding kit


*1 Lead Coordinator

*1 Assistant Coordinator ( up to 4 hours)

Day of/Month of Coordination has a lot of components, but these are some things to expect for your coordinator.  (Some mentioned previously)

*Make certain that you, your groom, parents and the wedding party are comfortable and have all the attention and service deserved while getting ready for the Big Day

*Receive all deliveries (within allotted time retained), greeting and supervising all vendors as they load in and set up, etc (based on your package)

*Distribute copies of your final Complete Wedding Day Itinerary to all vendors  via email

*Oversee proper setup and design of ceremony and reception areas (Setup DIY centerpieces, linens, napkins) 

*Accept all personal flolwrs and distribute and pin all corsages, boutoniieres, wedding personal flowers and flower-girl and ring bearer items

*Ensure proper placement of guest’s assigned seating place cards, guest books, pens, photographs, canbdles, wedding favors, ceremony programs, menu cards, candy store and sweet table items, etc. per your instructions

*Make certain guests with special needs of any kind receive care and assistance without making them feel unncomfortable  like the center of attention

*Greet your  guests and kindly direct them to the ceremony area at the appropriate times

*Find the flower girls and the ring beareres when it’s time to walk down the aisle and help them get down the aisle

*Line up and cue the WEdding Party when it’s time to walk dowsn the aisle, making sure they all look great, no hands in pcokets, no gum, cell phones off

*Let you know when it’s time to walk dwon the aisle, make sure youa re ready for the big moment 

*Make sure your gown and train are perfect on your way down the aisle

*Make certain that the musicians have correct sound requirements and appropriate shade and seating

*Make certain that all ceremony musicians have the correct musical selections for guest arrival, family seating and also the correct processional and recessional musical selections 

*Make certain that the ceremony musicians are cued appropriately to ensure correct pace and timing

*Greet your guests and kindly direct them to the reception areas at the appropriate times

*Direct your guests to the cocktail reception after the ceremony

*Assist the photographer in gathering your Wedding Party and family members as needed for pictures

*Make certain that You, Your Groom, Family and the entire Wedding Party get your favorite cocktails and hors d’oeuvres served to you by catering staff

*Make certain your selected Reception Entertainment have proper pwoer, stagin, shaded seating, parking validations, vendor meals, etc. 

*Make certain that all decor items from ceremony which wil be reused at reception get to appropriate palces

*Make certain that all finsihing touches are complete and exactly as you wished before allowing guests to enter the reception area

*Make certain all candles are lit and remail lit throughout the entire reception

*Answer all guests’ questions and concerns graciously throughout the day

*Assist the DJ/MC in guiding guests through the day and on to the next scheduled event making certain to no one misses these events and there is a steady, comfortable flow with no dead air or rushing

*Assist your Maid of Honor in the bustling of your Wedding Gown before the Grand Entrance

*Organize the Grand Entrace and get everyone lined up outside the reception area in correct order informthing the MC of all correct pronunciations of names

*Always letting You and Your Groom know what is next and making sure you are ready so that you are never caught off guard

*See to it that parents and very special people are given speical care and their every need is catered to

*Make sure that dietary nees and request of your guest sucha s food allergies and vegan request are followed through correctly

*Make certain that everyone scheduled to do toasts, blessings or host special events during the day are cued and prepared

*Make certain you have your comfortable shoes under your table to change into at the reception if you desire and your make up available to touch up if needed throughout the day 

*Make certain your Parents and Grandparents get a great spot for the cake cutting and first dance, etc

*Provide you and your groom with a warm, damp cloth for the cake cutting (just in case someone was mean)

*Be ther eby your side, ready and availalbe for any emergencies or unexpected occurrences

*Graciously guide you through your day, keepign things running on schedule

*Distribute final balances and gratuities to the vendors on your behalf

*Keep trac of, organize and pack everything up for you at the end of the evening

*Collect all of your wedding gifts, your guest book, pen, toasting glasses, cake top, etc

*Bring everything to your Honeymoon Suite (if you are having a hotel wedding), Designated room, or desginated car

*Making sure you Getaway Transportation is present and on time when you are ready to depart reception

** And More 


** Pricing based on specific venues based in the Charlotte Metro area.  Mileage, parking, and overnight hotel costs are additional.